amy pleasant | tight shot

my favorite artist also happens to be one of my dearest, dearest friends ~ such beautiful, thoughtful, and lyrical work!! i am thrilled to encourage my new york readers to attend the opening reception for her solo show, amy pleasant: tight shot, this thursday at jeff bailey gallery, in the chelsea gallery district. the exhibition features paintings, drawings and a site-specific wall drawing. read more about her beautiful work and process here. and, if you aren't in new york, amy also has a solo show right now at the contemporary in atlanta ~ the bed, after lautrec. her shows are always breathtaking, so do go if you're able!

{lovely images by jamric}


jacklyn said…
beautiful amy work and lovely post!! i'll post photos of the atlanta show on thursday for you. wish we could go to new york for this show! road trip?! heehee

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