paper artist of the week: esma pacal turam

turkish artist esma pascal turam creates fascinating paper sculptures which offer an interesting narrative on the "floating in and flowing through" of an individual in a crowd. a review of her exhibition spectators by eppie lunsford-ozen:

what we find in the cityscapes of hanging laundry, onlookers, gossips, and staged frames are relationships that we want and don’t want to identify with. esma pa├žal has captured the relaxed tension of introspection we experience when observing beyond our personal space. the elongated paper figures jut forward, upright, even when pulling back. they are not only spectators, but seekers. the architecture does not overtake them; they emerge from the frames. the whispering duos of classical poetry are recorded amongst the more anxious youths. the protruding profiles and whimsical hair, the posterior imagination, compliment one another….an authoritative defiance with a naughty streak. the paper is roughly refined, whereas the figures are awkwardly perfect.


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