paper artist of the week: chris kenny

the collage constructions of chris kenny are quite fantastic. on the surface, they are modern representations of mapping systems. but if you look closely, you see an irony in the arrangement and placement of the pieces, particularly with his play on language in the found text works. essayist alain de botton says of chris' work "kenny is a master at delicately excising something – a phrase, a leaf, a road in a map – from its normal setting, and settling it into a diminutive white museum where, hovering an inch or so above the base, it becomes free to release a hidden narrative or symbolic message." before he began these mixed media constructions, he was a painter, as is evidenced in his careful use of color - beautiful!


jacklyn said...

love love love!

andrew N said...

Reminds me of this artists - steve mcpherson he uses plastic from beaches in the UK to create his beautiful works. heres a link to his website