inbox | mitra fabian

is a sculptor and installation artist working with atypical materials such as tape, glue, 
various office and scientific products, and even window blinds.  as she builds with 
these materials, she deconstructs them or alters them in such a way that they are 
not immediately recognizable.  the reconstruction is in some way determined by what 
the material is capable of doing, but not meant to do.  the new physical form is always 
more organic, often mimicking the appearance of tumors, magnified cells, or mold.  
these materials often perform as a skin – their translucency captures light and plays tricks 
on the eye- breathing, swaying, or slowly and quietly growing.  fabian uses exclusively 
manufactured materials thereby transforming the artificial, throwaway product into 
something seemingly natural.  this serves as a commentary on the increasingly 
modified condition of humans, which pits nature against culture and blurs the line 
between organic and manufactured.

...and, a few shots from reckoning, a collaboration with artist jen stract. 
this beautiful installation is made of over 3,000 feet of receipt paper... 

+ many thanks to mitra for the introduction to her gorgeous work!