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i love paper. i love paper arts, and i especially love the intricate art of papercutting.
chris natrop is one of my favorite modern paper artists. here's an excerpt from his statement:

as the days stack up and i cannot push back any longer, i recall a memory that may not 
have been noticed before. as it unfolds in my mind, i break away, stumbling headlong downhill. 
i land on a spot and begin to work, meandering towards the invisible line.

at 10x8x8 feet, fern space burst nearly fills the site for which it was designed - headlands center 
for the arts. the play of shadows is just incredible and i can only imagine how cool it must be 
to be surrounded by this beautiful piece.

chris has a show entitled and further the dew drop falls coming up in just a week at 
moca jacksonville - road trip?! maybe! here's a sneak peek...

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