thank you.

as a marketing professional, i can't help but analyze how people find their way to my blog. in many ways, it helps to guide my research, and very often introduces me to entirely new paths of discovery. i'm always so happy to find new blogs this way, and especially excited to find my favorite artists/designers/bloggers have pointed readers in my direction. so, from time to time, i'd love to highlight a sampling of sites which have most recently included . o p a t . as a resource or inspiration.

 the feeling is mutual, thank you. 
please pay a visit... 

+ while i am so greatly appreciative of sites which feature multi-user pins and bookmarks, i won't be highlighting those here. a big thank you to pinterest, we heart it, bloglovin, ffffound, and others for providing platforms which help to drive so many readers here. for this series, though, i'll focus on stand alone blogs curated by unique individuals.

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