. h a p p y . n e w . y e a r .

happy new year!
hope you've enjoyed a wonderful holiday.

reflecting on the years since . o p a t . began,
i realized the start of this new year marks a few milestones.
since april 2008, we've shared 2,500 posts, and more than 1.25 milllion
lovely people have visited from virtually every country in the world.

i feel like celebrating!

in heartfelt appreciation for your support,
i'd like to give away
this beautiful 2012 calendar by dozi.

simply leave a comment here, sharing one wish you hope for in 2012,
and you'll be entered in the drawing to win.

best of luck!

* only 1 entry per person, deadline is 12pm cst on 1.9.12.
winner will be announced at 2pm cst that same day.


Sepulture said...

I wish I will start a new life with my new family :)

Kristina said...

I wish I will buy an old farm house and start my country life :)

Anonymous said...

to finish my Visual Arts degree and pay off my debts xx

xuanr said...

I wish that the works i created will also be able to inspire others like how the works featured here do to me.

Jo said...

I wish that people aren't starving in Africa by the end of 2012.

Carolina Santana said...

I wish not to wish too much, and to have much happiness and peace of mind for me, my parents, friends and related families. And everyone to have it all as well. I wish (mainly) good and great changes for and from the world.

lauren@spicedplate said...

I wish that the universe will help me provide for my family and I while my husband attends school

Crystal said...

I wish for continued health and happiness this year.

Naama said...

Wish love and happiness to us all

suse said...

hello I would love to hang this lovely calendar on my wall.

kmpcarr said...

I wish for peace.

Laurence said...

I wish for peace, love around and harmony! I wish for warm blankets, big fires, inspiring conversations and eternal friendships! i wish for a job in interior design by this summer!

zuccini said...

Here's hoping we all have a happy and prosperous new year, and learn to enjoy ourselves!