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the letters of edward gorey & peter f. neumeyer

collection of 75 typewriter-transcribed letters, 38 envelopes illustrated by gorey, and more than 60 postcards and illustrations exchanged between the two collaborators and close friends

gorey and neumeyer met in the summer of 1968. gorey had been contracted to illustrate a children’s story written by neumeyer...an invigorating friendship began, fueled by a wealth of letters and postcards that sped between the two men through the fall of 1969.

those letters, published here for the first time, are remarkable for their quantity and their content. while the creative collaborations of gorey and neumeyer centered on children’s books, they held wide-ranging interests; both were erudite, voracious readers, and they sent each other many volumes. through their discussions of these books, one marvels at the beauty of thoughtful (and merry) discourse driven by intellectual curiosity.

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