. pause .

amy pleasant ~ photo by jason hamric

i must take a short hiatus
from blogging, my apologies.

meanwhile, please check out suspended,
an installation in the sculpture garden
of the birmingham museum of art
by my dear friend, amy pleasant.

a wonderful project, and i wish i could share
the lecture she gave this week on her process
and progression in the scope of her work...
it was really quite amazing.

please keep checking in,
as i'll be back soon...

simply too many nice happenings in my life
right now which need my full attention.

i know you understand :)


jacklyn said...

so beautiful. hope you have a wonderful hiatus and come back to us soon!!!!

babelfish said...

Ooh how exciting, have fun with the 'nice happenings' in life :)

à petit bruit said...

Je découvre seulement aujourd'hui ton blog ! Bravo, tout est très beau… J'espère que tu reviendras bientôt…

Faith | Digital Room said...

A beautiful piece of art. Share more inspiring art please. If only have that kind of talent, I would be having a photo blog for my art works.