i am so happy that my dear friend
has agreed to let me share with you
her process in a major project for
a "cloudscape" wall drawing installation that will
wrap the four walls of the museum's sculpture pit.

...this will be the first wall drawing that i will have made with the absence of a figurative image...the viewer will become the figure in the work and the participatory force in this landscape. the audience will insert themselves into the landscape and interact with the environment as an actor does on stage amidst the stage set design. in keeping with the idea of stage design i will create several sculptural works that will extend the “cloudscape” into the physical, central gravel pit...this will be first time I have integrated a 3-dimensional element into a wall drawing project.

looking forward to sharing more...

+ images by
jason hamric (thank you!)

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jacklyn said...

this will, of course, be beautiful.