daily paper fix: paper jewelry

recycled paper jewelry
by janna syvanoja.

the process of making my recycled paper jewellery pieces, involves a slow, “natural” technique. by curving each slice of paper around the steelwire, one by one, one after another, it is as if the piece grows into its shape by itself. this way the character of wood, paper's original material, is preserved in the piece - as is also the association to the whole organic world, the way it builds itself, being in constant change, traveling in time.


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Anonymous said...

can you please eaborate more on the steps, and maybe make a tutorial , post pictures from the beginning o end , cause i didnt really grasp the technique.. its beautiful

monica said...

i would suggest contacting the artist regarding a more detailed explanation of the process. i think it's beautiful too, but i've posted it here to share with my readers - it isn't my work.

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