500 pencils.

it's human to have favorites. to be drawn to certain colors, to have others surprise you. we believe the greatest beauty of 500 colored pencils is that you don't receive all of them at once, but over the course of 20 months.

it gives you new focus as an artist, working with color families and feeling the precious nature of each pencil. we send 25 pencils a month, crafted to order. as you build to 500, the pencils become your story and experience. it's about enjoying an unhurried creative process, and the artist - over time - you become.

what a lovely way to think about colored pencils...

500 pencils
by social designer

{via young and brilliant}


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NurseT said...

I love it! If I ever get into drawing, I think that I might have to try this.

I am partial to the cool colors. ))